“I was spending the day visiting businesses as part of a chamber of commerce function, butcarved out time to attend this networking event. I got three legitimate business leads from 90 minutes of networking. I didn’t get a single new lead from our day of visiting over 32 local businesses and attending their afterhours function. This networking event did for me what an entire day of networking on my own and volunteering for someone else didn’t do and was a much better use of my time!”

Shauna K., custom embroidery and promotional products


“The SendOutCards session was great. The leaders led the meeting so that it started and ended on time, and showed me everything I wanted to know without fire hosing me with info. I’m looking forward to sending cards to my clients, staff, and friends.”

Ted J., business owner


“I attended simply because a friend invited me to join her for a free lunch. Once there, I ended up meeting someone who needed my company’s services! It was definitely worth my time. Plus it got me thinking of how I could use SendOutCards to build my business.”

Cindy B., printing company rep

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